Hi! I'm Tristan

School Owner

Tristan Scholze (Biscut)

Co-Founder and Owner of Rainbow Bridges, Biscut has dedicated his life to learning and helping others find joy in learning.

He first took a special interest in communication while studying English literature as well as German, French, and Old English at university and traveling the world. He considers it the greatest of adventures to truly connect with others, especially with people of different backgrounds from his own.

He has been in Japan for two decades and lives with his wife and daughter in Fukuoka City.

  • USA (from Champaign, Illinois)
  • Has lived in Kumamoto and Fukuoka Cities since 1999
  • MA in English from the University of Hawaii, USA
  • BA in English from the University of Illinois, USA
  • Multiple certificates for teaching English to Japanese children and adults
  • Since 1999 in Japan and the USA
  • Has experience teaching at several small and large English schools
  • Co-Founded Rainbow Bridges in 2005
  • Has taught at 6 universities and colleges in Fukuoka
  • Regularly presents at English teaching seminars and conventions around Japan
  • Language Teaching Professionals, Member
  • ETJ (English Teachers in Japan), Fukuoka Coordinator
  • JALT (Japan Association of Language Teachers)
  • Moderator of several online groups supporting teachers