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Let's Learn Online!

Your child can learn to communicate effectively and connect to our international community from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. Every class is fun as the children sing, dance, solve puzzles, and chat in English. 

Teaching excellence with the cutting edge of technology in small group lessons brings you a combination of educational quality, reasonable tuition rates, and convenience.

The Rainbow Bridges Move to Online Lessons

  • In February of 2020, even before COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, we decided that we wanted to do better for our students than a temporary move from in-person to online lessons.
  • Our research determined that major improvements in technology in the last few years and growing number of families with Internet-connected devices made the high quality online lessons we desired possible.
  • We worked hard to build long-term programs in the new online format that maintained our student-centered approach combining fun with educational excellence.
  • After 8 weeks of all-out effort to build an online program, we went live with our first online classes in April, 2020.
  • Now with thousands of hours of online experience, our teachers are still innovating and enhancing our online programs.


Online Small Group Lessons (4-6 students)

All figures include tax.

44 lessons per year. Small group lessons of 4-6 students.

Want exclusivity over class membership and more influence over the day and time of class and makeup lessons? Private lessons offer parents more control.

Private Online Lessons (1-6 students)

All figures include tax.

44 lessons per year. 


As with storytelling expanding from oral tradition to books, film, radio, television, and the Internet—all mediums have special advantages.

We use Zoom, the most advanced yet easiest and safest software available. Many parents and children have been surprised at how simple it is.

Zoom is free for students and lesson materials are built into tuition rates.

It’s free if you’re on Wi-Fi. If you’re using cellular data, talk to us about your data plan.

Zoom is the best technology available and we use high quality hardware for clear sound. Our staff will assist you through any technical issues. We found hearing easiest when one person speaks at a time, and our online classes are orderly with a more focused English-only environment.

Teachers found that activities, games, and songs could all be adapted into the new online medium—and they discovered new ones!

  • Students in in-person lessons also can benefit from both online learning when necessary and by using technology to learn English outside of class.
  • Online students can attend our online events, in-person events, overseas travel programs, and get advice on learning English, travel and study abroad, and career planning.