Hi! I'm David


David Borgeson

Co-founder of Rainbow Bridges along with Tristan Scholze, David continued with the school from 2005 until 2021 when he and wife and children moved to the United States. His many roles included teaching, curriculum development, teacher training, office systems development, event planning, music creation, and more.

His friendly and warm personality, witty jokes, and dedicated professionalism have made him popular with students of all ages, parents of students, and school staff.

Currently, he is an elementary school teacher and maintains contact with Rainbow Bridges as a musician, advisor, and host for student trips to the United States.

  • USA (from Champaign, Illinois)
  • Fukuoka City 2001-2021
  • Currently in the USA
  • Has been teaching since 1999 in Japan and the USA
  • Co-founded Rainbow Bridges in 2005; Teacher (2005-2021)
  • Taught as an ALT at various elementary schools in Fukuoka City for a decade
  • Regularly presented at English teaching seminars and conventions in Japan for 15 years
  • Currently a primary school teacher, Next Generation (USA)
  • BA in Religious Studies from Macalester College
  • Cambridge RSA Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language Certificate from Hamlin University
  • Multiple other certificates for teaching English to Japanese children

  • Box of Songs: David wrote, recorded, performed, mixed, and produced all the songs on Rainbow Bridges’ original CD for learning English
  • Brown Bag Luncheon: Creates music for videos and podcasts
  • Has played bass and sang in several bands, also plays the guitar and keyboards
  • Interested in cooking, continuing education in educational and developmental psychology, business management, science, and web design
  • Enjoys going to the park with his wife and sons
  • Has traveled throughout Europe, East Asia, North and South America; lived in Venezuela during elementary school