GSS (Guided Self Study)

GSS (Guided Self-Study) is a unique, enhanced Extensive Reading (ER) and Extensive Listening (EL) program by Rainbow Bridges first introduced in 2013.

GSS has a Video Module and a Reading Module. Students gain access to curated video collections and special books from the school library for understandable and engaging English outside of class time.

“Students participating in GSS learn to read better and faster, and they progress through our curriculum quicker. It’s that simple.”

Why do GSS?

Engaging with more, understandable English helps children progress faster and reach a higher level of competence before milestones like junior and senior high school.

Having the extra English outside of class allows students to get more out of class time and study independently at a flexible pace, while parents see more results overall.

Receiving structure and guidance for developing good self-study habits and learning for pleasure gives long-term educational advantages.

Access to these special videos and books and structure to enjoy them habitually outside of class are included with your tuition.