About us

Our Purpose

Rainbow Bridges

We inspire curiosity in students, help them find happiness in growing and learning through communication in English, and enable them to connect positively to the global community—all in a manner conducive to them becoming lifelong active learners.

Our mission

Rainbow Bridges is an English language school that provides an educational environment that inspires in students curiosity about the international world and fosters their passion for learning and communicating.

An Unusual English School

Rainbow Bridges English Academy is rare in that it was founded by two Americans—native speakers of English and dedicated teachers—who wanted to give back to the people of Japan and create an adventurous community of learning.


By developing open-minded, active learners who can thrive in English-language environments independent of the school, with lifelong positive attitudes towards challenges and the abilities to engage them, Rainbow Bridges builds a more sustainable, peaceful, and progressive world, one person at a time.

Core Values


We make English like a series of puzzles – a world of personal discovery.

Active Learning

In a controlled environment, our teachers set up achievable and interesting step-by-step language targets in an appropriate sequence for maximum learning efficiency. When English makes sense and children progress in skill, their motivation, confidence and self-esteem increase and this encourages active learning. 

Cultural Awareness

Starting with interaction with the teacher, then through stories and interactions with other teachers and members of our international community, we help children develop awareness and appreciation of other cultures, languages and peoples.

Inspiring to Learn

By meeting achievable and worthwhile challenges students find personal success in learning. This helps students develop a love of thinking, wondering, questioning, discovery, and meeting challenges with creativity.

Core Competencies