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Private Mentoring for
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Expert support for long-term and holistic personal development beginning with basic communication skills in early elementary through Native-level English language arts & literary studies in junior high and high school.

What we do

For the Children

To inspire children to be more curious, connect, and love learning.

What kind of English school are you looking for?
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We inspire curiosity in students, help them find happiness in growing and learning through communication in English, and enable them to connect positively to the global community—all in a manner conducive to becoming lifelong active learners.

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Curiosity, Communication, and Community

Inspiring curiosity
  • We connect to each child, enabling their natural curiosity to flow forth
  • Children experience interesting, challenging, and achievable puzzles that help them discover how English works for themselves
Sparking joy in communication
  • Teachers and children together create games, songs, and activities that drive learning
  • Children build for themselves an understanding of English that enables them to communicate in unscripted situations independently
Connecting to the global community
  • Connecting begins with positive time spent with teacher and liking English
  • Events give meaningful interaction with various teachers, local members of the international community, and children around the world
  • Rainbow Library access connects children to the written world of English
  • Overseas trips with Rainbow Bridges provide memories that inspire for a lifetime

Lifelong Learning

“We believe that through our programs students can develop communication skills as well as attitudes about learning that can have a life-long positive impact.”

—Biscut, School Owner

Our Benefits

There’s a big difference in the long run.

  • Social & Fun

    Students don’t merely study about English. They develop real communication skills using English.

  • An Environment for Learning

    Our lesson experiences help children feel comfortable, engaged, and successful, slowly developing a pattern of lifelong active learning.

  • Caring Staff

    Parents are valued members of our community. We’ll work with you to ensure that your child is comfortable and learning and make it easy for you to understand how your child can best learn English.

  • Skilled Teachers

    Our teachers can effectively engage children in activities meaningful to them, appreciate each child’s uniqueness, and ensure they find joy in learning.


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Our faculty are life-long learners dedicated to helping children find inspiration and reach for their potential.

Our high standards for teachers go far beyond having native speaking ability. Our child-centered curriculum requires engaging, highly-capable facilitators who can connect with all kinds of children, inspire them to want to communicate in English, and help them find joy in learning and connecting with others.

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