Working with us

The education revolution

Is our world’s education good enough now to meet the challenges of the 21st century? Would you like to do something about it?

Rainbow Bridges began with recognizing that true learning comes from within the learner, because learning what one wants to learn is enjoyable and empowering. Helping others find their love of learning and develop skills to face the challenges of this new century is what we do.

The study of communication, language and culture can open people’s minds and hearts to creative ideas and a greater understanding of themselves, their society, and others. Being an independent school, we can take a revolutionary approach to helping all students realize and develop their natural individual talents.

Our thoughts on education are inspired by the videos in this playlist, starting with Sir Ken Robinson’s “Do schools kill creativity?”

Rainbow Bridges is always open to meeting highly motivated individuals interested in joining our team.

To apply, please send a resume in English, Japanese, or both and a cover letter to Tristan Scholze at the email address at the top of this and every page on our website.