Fukuoka Institute of Technology Children’s English Program

The English Adventure at Fukkoudai

Together with the generous support and cooperation of FIT and NPOs, Rainbow Bridges offers our outstanding curriculums taught by skilled teachers using our child-centered teaching approach at discounted tuition rates to create one of the country’s premiere community programs.

During the pandemic the program has continued to thrive, adapting into our safe and convenient online format while the university is conducting operations remotely.

Saturdays between 9:30 and 16:30, for children of all levels.

About online classes

Parents and children are pleasantly surprised about our online lessons

Safe, convenient, and easy lessons during the pandemic

Students focus even more on English online

Heightened English interaction

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Quality with convenience

This community program is a perfect fit for families with multiple children. There are simultaneous classes for children from beginner to advanced levels from the morning until afternoon—all of which benefit from the same teaching method and curriculum as our regular classes.  

Students here acquire communication skills with an important balance of the core speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills, enabling them to learn actively and to take part in the international community now and in the future. The program is designed to help children develop their curiosity through English and to give them a glimpse of university life and the world outside Japan.


Saturdays, 40 lessons per year. Small group lessons.

This special community program enables families to access premium programs at a discounted rate.


¥ 4583 Monthly
  • 55,000 Yearly
  • 30分
  • 自主学習プログラム


¥ 6667 Monthly
  • (80,000 Yearly)
  • 45分
  • 自主学習プログラム


¥ 8333 Monthly
  • (100,000 Yearly)
  • 60分
  • 自主学習プログラム

Free trial lesson

Now recruiting for new classes. Book your free trial lesson today!