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Whether you are a member of a well organized team of teachers or a lone teacher with a few students, access to materials, resources and professional development opportunities is important for becoming the best teacher you can be. Check out what we have to offer here.


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Teaching Materials

Rainbow Bridges EFL Materials

For more free online resources including free games and more, please see our student support section.



YouTube playlists

Visit our store page dedicated to hosting our YouTube EFL video playlists. Our goal in creating these playlists is to gather some of the best YouTube videos made for EFL learners there are into one place. Teachers can then point their students to the videos, and even create a systematic video watching component to their curriculums for students to supplement their studies with fun, level-appropriate content outside of class time.

This is just one of hundreds of curated EFL videos - Check out more here



Recommended Apps

Check out our complete list of recommended English learning apps for iPhone and Android devices.

Check out our list of recommended apps! Check out our list of recommended apps! Check out our list of recommended apps!



Curated EFL teaching and industry-related topics

Stay on top of the quickly evolving world of education and EFL with these Scoop It topics. The information out there is amazing and plentiful, and we've tried to bring it to you in one easy to manage place. Enjoy.

EFL Student-Centered Teaching

Creativity in English Language Teaching (EFL)

EFL School Owners and Managers

Top of page



EFL-specific professional development organizations


Language Teaching Professionals

The largest EFL-related organization on Facebook - check out their page for loads of great information and more professional EFL-specific help.

Facebook page

Home page


For those in Japan:


ETJ (English Teachers in Japan)

National group

Fukuoka Chapter (Facebook page)


JALT (Japan Association of Language Teaching)

National group

Fukuoka Chapter



EFL Events

Upcoming EFL Events in Japan:

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