Preschoolers Program "Adventurers"

4-6 Year Olds*


In this pivotal stage of development, what takes root can influence a lifetime of attitudes towards whatever one encounters. With this in mind, Adventurers progress from most basic foundations of English to more complex sentence structures and begin learning how to read through phonics. Additionally, they begin to develop fine motor skills in order to prepare them to integrate writing into a skills-balanced approach to using language.


Discover something new every day! Writing is fun, too!


Further, Adventurers begin to experience the challenges and rewards of a child-centered class. Empowering confidence and creativity begin here, developing positive attitudes towards encountering new experiences. This helps prepare students for the next step, DreamChasers and a fully child-centered learning environment.


Learning through songs Exploring the sounds of English through Phonics


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*This is just a guideline - the program we recommend for your child will depend on a number of factors.