Diamond Study Plan, for those interested in the best educational opportinities


For those interested in the best educational opportunities.


More English opportunity with extended student-teacher contact

In our specialized curriculums, more time with English means more progress. Our Diamond plan provides by far the most student-teacher contact per class meeting. For Kids, that’s 78% more time a year than Gold—equivalent to 34 additional Gold classes a year. Diamond’s extended Plus Time enables students to significantly boost their fluency by speaking English in additional real-world contexts.


Know exactly where you stand with more feedback and support

Students on this plan also get the most individually specific and frequent feedback on how they are doing and how they can improve, assisting them as they chase their goals.


Learn how to learn

All Diamond students receive Tutor Visits, and Kids Diamond students can maximize their independent learning with free access to our unique Guided Self Study program.


More English for Free

Students in this program participate for free in all academy events, giving even more opportunities to use English, deepen their positive feelings about learning, and make friends.


A higher echelon

With the benefit of more time spent progressing through the curriculum and in real-life contexts, as well as with independent study and contact with a variety of others, the Diamond plan puts students on the path to achievement.


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