Delivery Lessons


What are Delivery Lessons?

Rainbow Bridges Delivery Lessons: The world in your living room!In our delivery lesson system, instead of students coming to a school, we dispatch a teacher to any location where classes can be held. Most often classes are held in students' homes or apartments, but can also be held in neighborhood community centers, rental spaces, and more.


Why Delivery Lessons?

Delivery lessons give you a safe and convenient location for your class. Our teachers bring everything necessary for lessons with them, require minimal space to hold classes, and are trained to teach in these circumstances.


Are Delivery Lessons available in my area?

レインボーブリッジ英語学院の出張レッスンでご安全・安心そして便利なところで楽しい英会話We can dispatch a teacher to any of Fukuoka's Wards and close suburbs - Higashi-Ku, Hakata-Ku, Chuo-Ku, Minami-Ku, Jounan-Ku, Sawara-Ku, Nishi-Ku, Nakagawa-Machi, Kasuga-Shi, Onojo-Shi, Kasuya-Gun, Itoshima-Shi, and more.






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