Music video shot at Summer Camp 2015 of our original song "Summer Camp"

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Because we believe in a wholly encompassing approach to learning English, we offer a number of events each year. The events allow for a number of opportunities that enhance their experience with English. They are:


1) A chance to meet other students and see them all joining together for English. It is a positive influence on children to see that they are part of a school full of students sharing similar goals in learning English, not just the small group of people in their lesson.


Summer Camp


2) A chance to share culture. Our events often introduce new ways of doing things.




3) A chance for students to spend an extended amount of time with their teacher outside of the classroom in building trust and practicing what they have learned in a relaxed fun real-world situation.


Beach BBQ


4) A chance to interact with other native speakers and teachers as well as with advanced students.


Expand your horizons at our events


5) An extra chance for parents of students to talk with and get to know teachers and staff at length in a relaxed atmosphere.